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Partly Whimsical help parents/caregivers and businesses of children with autism 

accomplish greater learning outcomes by creating Unique and safer spaces

What's Keeping You From Having Your Space Created?  

Lack the expertise to create a safer, fun, and tailored space.

Not enough time in the day

to achieve the ideal room.

Lady with a bunch of money.jpg

Too expensive,

not affordable!

 You've tried it on your own. It didn't work. You've given up.


We totally get it!


Caring for your child with autism should be enough.

You shouldn't have to worry about becoming a room designer as well!

We believe you should focus on your child,

while we focus on their space.  

That's why, for over twenty years working with children on the Autism spectrum, we are familiar with their unique needs and we're here to help you create that thriving space for your child. 

vanessa new image with circle.png

Vanessa Hayden is the


behind Partly Whimsical

Vanessa Hayden, Owner, brings the following expertise to each tailored room:

  • AS In Early Childhood Education  

  • Working towards an Interior Design Degree

  • Was certified as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) 

  • Has over twenty years experience working with parents and their children attending Head Start 

  • Worked with children and adults from ages 2 to 34 yrs old, on and off the spectrum.

  • Understands the dynamics, individuality, and complexities of children on the spectrum. 

  • Have created many preschool classrooms to help decrease behaviors and increase a learning environment.


Women meeting .jpg


You schedule a free 30-minute consultation


Phase 2

We meet for an in-home paid assessment and discuss your needs and budget

Phase 3

  You choose who will implement the room ideas.


  They enjoy their new

tailored room space!




In the meantime, here are 5 reasons why your home should provide a unique room space:

A safer and intentional room space

It will help your child reach their full potential 

More time to relax or focus on other matters 

It can produce a better therapy session at home

A space that will work in harmony with ABA Therapy






So you can stop feeling overwhelmed by so much to do and so little time.

Champions .jpg

And be the champion of your child's outcome for years to come! 

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