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At Partly Whimsical, we offer two Autism Service Options. During the assessment, we will talk to learn more about your needs or ideas. 



Option 1

Full-Service Interior Room Design

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Option 2

Partial-Service Interior Room Design

Partly Whimsical does the in-home assessment, creates a plan, orders home decor and furniture, and implements the vision for the client's room or space.

Partly Whimsical does the in-home assessment, creates a plan, orders home decor and furniture. The parents/caregivers will implement the vision for the client's room or space. 


We've made it our mission to make our services affordable for all families with children on the

Autism spectrum. Soon, we are planning to partner with

Medicaid to make our services accessible to all families. 

(Likewise, we will also be increasing our prices in the future, as we continue to grow in this industry, increase in education, provide more services or products to our clients.)


All bookings will begin with a free 30-minute initial consultation that will

explain what Partly Whimsical does and to see if we are a great fit.

We understand that everyone's budget is different. That's why we will work with you 

to make sure you get the best room design according to your needs and budget. 

Full-Service Plan


Initial Consultation


30-minute session


Phase 1

In-Home Assessment

Paid 1-hr session ($50)

Partly Whimsical will work with parents/

caregivers or clients to assess individual,

room (s) and budget

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Phase 2

 Design or Plan 

Partly Whimsical will

create a plan

based upon the assessment and present to parents/caregiver or clients


Phase 3

Implement: Per Plan

Partly Whimsical will implement the vision and install furnishings for the client's room or space. 


Partial-Service Plan


Initial  Consultation

Free 30-minute



Phase 1

In -Home Assessment

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Phase 2 Design

or Plan

 Phase 3

Implementation is completed by the Parent/Caregiver